Information & Photos courtesy of Dave Menke, US Fish & Wildlife Service

Yellow-Headed Blackbird - Klamath Basin Refuge - courtesy Dave Menkes, US Fish & Wildlife

Klamath Basin Refuges join “Birder Friendly Refuge” Initiative
Many refuges have joined in a new program known as “Birder Friendly Refuges” to enhance visitor services. The Klamath Basin Refuges have adopted this program. Birding enthusiasts – Check it Out!

  • The refuge visitor center now has two Ebird Trail Tracker computer kiosks where you can report and retrieve birding observations for refuge and Klamath Basin Birding Trail locations.
  • Check out FREE backpacks with binoculars, field guides, maps and checklists at the refuge visitor center. Also available for free check-out are spotting scopes, birding field guides and a canoe for use at the nearby canoe trail.
  • Every week, recent sightings of interesting bird species on the refuges and nearby map locations are updated and distributed week.
  • Pick up a seasonal checklist (prepared by the refuge staff) that shows birds found on Lower Klamath and Tule Lake Refuges.
  • Handy refuge bulletin boards with birding information and checklists are located near the Lower Klamath Refuge entrance, the Tule Lake Refuge visitor center and at the southeast corner of the Tule Lake auto tour route.

Most of all, the refuge staff is reaffirming a commitment to provide visitors with the best and most up-to-date information possible to make their refuge experiences as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. For more details contact Dave Menke or Michele Nuss (530) 667-2231 or

Geese - Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuge - coutesy Dave Menkes, US Fish & WildlifeYellow-Headed Blackbird - Klamath Basin Refuge - courtesy Dave Menkes, US Fish & Wildlife

Bald Eagles - Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuge (courtesy Dave Menkes, US Fish & Wildlife)

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